Assessment, consultation and advice

We can provide

  • Expert assessments of learning, attainment, cognitive skills, behaviour, self esteem, motivation and emotional wellbeing in children, young people and adults
  • Problem solving discussions with professionals and parents
  • Observations and contributions to behaviour plans
  • Parent/carer workshops
  • Therapeutic support for individual children, young people and adults
  • Group work with children, young people and adults focussing on issues such as social skills, confidence and self regulation
  • Contributions to multi-agency assessments and interventions
  • School improvement research, coaching for teachers and training for governors

You can expect us to have up-to-date, relevant and evidence-informed knowledge of a wide range of areas of psychology and SEND issues including dyslexia; autism; CBT; emotional literacy; Precision Teaching; anti-bullying work; attachment; Circle of Friends; ELSA; attention and concentration difficulties; language delay; auditory, visual and working memory; dynamic assessment; Social Stories; thinking skills; person-centred planning; hearing the pupil voice; and supervision for other professionals.


Because we are an independent educational psychology service we charge service users directly for the work that we do. There is more information about our charges on the FAQs page and in the Where does the time go? document on our Downloads page.

Training courses, workshops and twilight sessions

Outlines of some of our training can be accessed by clicking on each of the four pictures below. Everything we offer can be adapted and this is not an exhaustive list. Training works best when it is tailored to meet the particular needs of the school or organisation that is requesting it and we welcome requests to cover issues that are not listed below. As with the other work we do, we charge a daily or hourly rate according to the duration of the training and an estimate of our preparation time and costs. The Where does the time go? document on our Downloads page has some estimates of the costs of training of different lengths and formats. Contact us with your requirements.

Language & communication

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Behaviour &

emotional health

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Learning, memory & attention

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Good practice &

other training

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Tests and resources

Below are some of the tests, assessments and training materials that we use, to give you an overview of some of the types of work that we can undertake. These range from widely-available toys and activities for younger children who require a play-based approach, to complex standardised assessments of cognitive skills and attainments suitable for use with older children and adults and only available to psychologists.


We choose the assessment tools, materials and approaches we use after we have discussed the outcomes that you're hoping to achieve and have agreed our role and the best way for us to help you achieve them.

Research and evaluation

Educational psychologists are trained researchers at postgraduate level. In addition to the assessment, training and consultancy services we offer, you can ask us to carry out research or project work in a wide range of areas such as:


  • gathering pupil, staff or parent views
  • evaluating the impact of interventions
  • anti-bullying work
  • raising attainment in literacy
  • improving behaviour


Why not ask us to provide you with an up-to-date summary of the relevant research in a specific area that you are focussing on, such as improving literacy skills or increasing pupil motivation? There is more information about some of our research and publications here.

Quality assurance and safeguarding

Educational psychologists are regulated by the Health and Care Professions Council who publish guidance on conduct and ethics to which we must adhere and standards of proficiency that we must meet.

The HCPC also conducts regular, random audits of continuing professional development (CPD) to ensure that registrants continue to meet the standards required to practise as psychologists. Both Nicky and Simon have had their recent CPD profiles approved by the HCPC's assessors.

You can check the register of practitioner psychologists held by the HCPC here.

We have Enhanced DBS clearance and we subscribe to the online DBS update service which allows checks to be made on the current status of our DBS certificates and removes any need for concern that our clearance status may have changed since our certificates were issued.



Registration with the Information Commissioner's Office is mandatory for the work that we do. You can check the register here.

We were pleased to be selected to pilot the ICO's data protection self-audit tool for small and medium-sized enterprises.

What works?

We are required to keep our knowledge and skills up to date, so that you can be confident that our advice and recommendations are trustworthy and based on good evidence of 'what works'.


These are some of the research journals, newsletters, blogs and research databases we subscribe to or access on a regular basis in order to ensure that we know what high quality, peer reviewed research is saying about the best ways to work with and support children and young people.


Our YouTube channel features a wide range of short videos aimed at education professionals, parents and families. They are intended to supplement the advice we give about various aspects of learning and behaviour and can be used as CPD materials in schools and introductions to topics for non-specialist viewers such as parents and carers. We also have careers videos aimed at secondary school and university students.

Please note that the videos are 'Unlisted', which means that they will not show up in a general search on YouTube and you will need a link from us to view them, which we can provide either by email or in the recommendations of one of our written assessment reports. The videos are not monetized in any way and we do not receive any income from them. Once you have the relevant link, that video is of course free to watch as many times as you wish.

After a long pause for thought we decided to stop using Twitter in the Spring of 2020 but we have left the account open.

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